About Anna

Welcome to the universe of my inner thoughts, here’s a little about why I write…

For as long as I can remember I have been compelled to write. It began with the stories and poetry of my youth and was fuelled by the beautiful collection of antique books owned by my parents. I studied unusual subjects for fun, teaching myself hieroglyphics at the age of 9, eternally curious and inquisitive.

I developed a deep appreciation for history, art and music, my mind often wondering somewhere between the metaphysical and the analytical. Acutely inspired by the human condition and the natural world, I would write to express everything I felt unable to say. My poetry was a closely guarded secret, which developed into lyric writing as a metal musician during my teenage years. Often profane, archaic and a little verbose, it was the refuge of my self expression.

Try as I may throughout different careers I never found an outlet for my writing that ‘fit’. Freelance journalism left me feeling completely deflated; the superficial subject matter was, for me, hollow, and above all else I wanted to create something of substance. It was more than just work, I began to realise it was ‘the work’.

Becoming a mother was my greatest gift – I learned the hardest and most profound lessons. Raising children whilst trying to establish a business and deal with life’s challenges took me to depths I never dreamt existed, but the experience I gained along the way is why you’re reading this right now.

This is my outlet.

After the birth of my third child I felt compelled to create a place to share my writing with the world. Write my Universe is the manifestation of my thoughts and feelings about everything from heavy metal to the beauty industry and beyond. It is a place to share my perspective, to cultivate new understanding and reflect on life as I experience it. In turn I hope it will be helpful to others, to uplift, inspire or challenge.

Most of all I hope this will encourage people to be themselves, because IT IS okay to be yourself.

Enjoy the journey,

Anna Signature handwritten with a kiss