Affirmation Of The Day – I AM WORTHY

positive affirmation of the day I am worthy self-confidence in the face of self-doubt

It’s time to remind yourself; I AM WORTHY.

How often is our self-worth based on other people’s ideas or opinions?

How often do we limit ourselves based on other people’s expectations or suggestion of what is best for us?

Although their words may not be damaging, we begin to live within someone else’s definitions of that which we seek; love, happiness, success, they are all defined by our prior experience of them.

We know love based on how we have experienced love.

We know happiness by our experience of what has caused us to be happy in the past or how we have seen and helped others be happy.

Our expectations of what we can achieve and our worthiness to receive what we seek is defined by our past experiences, and if they are negative or have any degree of negative connection, we hit a roadblock. We cannot reach beyond what we expect, and we are not worthy of anything greater than our expectations.

We doubt who we are and our journey ahead of us.

We ask ourselves, “who am I to want this?”

It is time to let the self-doubt go

Make some time to reconnect with yourself; your dreams, your wants, your wishes. Write them down or visualise them, whatever works for you.Do you encounter any memories or past experiences connected to other people?

Decide now how YOU want to experience them, redefine the emotional connections you hold to those experiences and be open to a change in perspective. Be open to all of the possibilities which you haven’t yet considered. Believe that things can turn out better than you can imagine, and watch as it begins to happen.

Remind yourself often “I am worthy”.

You are worthy of happiness, you are worthy of love, and success and all of the wonderful experiences that will enrich your life and those around you.

You are worthy.

Don’t let that doubt or the opinions of others make you think or feel otherwise.

With love,

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positive affirmation of the day I am worthy self-confidence in the face of self-doubt

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