Full Moon Release & Riding The Cosmic Waves


The first few weeks of this year for us have been an intense period of being confronted by issues that are ready to be resolved. Anything from the literal, physical bills that needed to be settled, letters and emails which needed writing to being confronted by some really scary situations and pretty ingrained fears and anxieties.

It has been an awesome opportunity to figuratively and literally spring-clean and sort out whatever the hell isn’t necessary or working in our lives any more, and this energy has been building steadily towards the end of this week and into the weekend; now, right now, I feel ready to turn the page on several chapters of the past, release a whole load of negativity and walk through the door that this incredible full-moon lunar eclipse is creating.

For me the Full Moon is always a highly introspective time. It’s a time where I like to reflect on anything that is causing friction or unsettled emotion in my life, explore the deep emotion that flows beneath the surface and commit to releasing anything I need in order be and create the greatest version of myself and the life I want to live.

It is a period of letting go and release in order to grow and move forwards – except this time, the intensity of THIS full moon means the last few weeks have likely been a real uphill battle, perhaps not the start to the New Year you had hoped for?

The flip-side is that right now, if we can harness that energy and allow ourselves to process, we can wipe the slate clean and prepare the soil for our future growth.

This, right here, can be the moment where you give yourself permission to forgive and move past your past hurts, and truly, fully embody your greatest vision of self and bring it to reality.

Tonight give yourself what you need to facilitate your growth – an early night, a long soak in the bath, journal what’s troubling you or what you think is holding you back and let go – because if we can clear the old we can be open to the new and ride the cosmic waves to embrace our raw-potential self.

onnect with what you need, and take it. Release what you don’t, and breathe in the new.

Wishing you a happy Full Moon, and sending love and happy vibes wherever you are.


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