Gracefully Summer Lowers Her Head

fall autumn poem gracefully summer lowers her head

I walked today, eyes gazing skyward
to the canopy of green above;
glorious green speckled with ochre, stippled,
resplendent in the final throws of summer.

The sun fading daily as nights draw in,
as though the leaves are stealing it’s weakening rays,
mirroring, mimicking sunshine for the darker days ahead.

And summer begins to lower her head
to autumn’s glorious crown,
ablaze in every shade of umber, gold and red,
waiting with temporary temperance,
as summer dances her final dance
of dappled light in swaying boughs,
now heavy and ready to shed.

With levity, September’s breeze breathes
and sings a chorus there between the trees,
softly, quietly calling
the oldest song that was ever sung,
as autumn leaves steal the last rays of sun.


This poem was originally posted on my account on September 3rd 2018

“woman lying on grass” by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

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