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There’s only one thing better than discovering new music – that is the rediscovery of music that once shook your soul. A song once so important you didn’t go a day without blasting it out, full volume; the album became the soundtrack to your life. And then something changes.  There’s a new band, a new song, a new album; a new life. And before you know it over a decade has passed, but the shuffle Gods have it all in hand.

That long forgotten song will suddenly pop up in your playlist, like a time capsule of memories from life now in the past.

Sometimes it makes me laugh so hard I could cry, other times it evokes such deep emotion it brings an older yet  younger of version of me back to life. It can be funny, cathartic and even ridiculous. Sometimes it’s like a message from that younger me, staring straight back at me.

Yesterday that younger me felt the need to yell right at me! She took me back to a time when I was beyond frustrated and aspiring to do so much more with my life, but not having a clue where to begin. In the midst of that time was this song; Kick you when you’re down by Machine Head .

As it started I laughed, as if I was asking the universe for a sign then the shuffle Gods sure as hell delivered. About a minute in, it all became abundantly clear. It is one of those beautiful juxtapositions that makes me tick; metal music with an incredible message so easily missed if you baulk from the outset. You can listen to it here… it should start around 1:16.


Do you need a clearer message than that?

Much love,

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