A poem about earth-inspired connection to our ancestors

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Through the mists of consciousness
I greet golden dawn,
feet rooted deep in earth.
I hear the call of my ancestors,
thank them for their blood, sweat and toil,
For the lives they lived and the suffering they endured to bring me to this moment.
Through me their stories and love lives on,
If not through present memory
then through every single cell of my body;
their blood runs through my veins
familiar like wood smoke on autumn air;
their experience and wisdom teaches and leads me onward.
I hear them without words
I sense them without touch
I honour them with each and every rise and fall of my chest,
each beat of my heart
a battle drum, resonant,
each day, each deed a chance,
a gift to elevate all that will come to be.
I honour all the paths which led me here
the future I carve
and all the paths that will come to be,
for I live through them,
and they live on through me.

©Anna D. Invernizzi 2019, all rights reserved

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